Hi. I'm Mirna.

I'm a Media and Communication student from Croatia. Welcome to my personal page.

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These are some photos I've shot and edited. If you'd like me to take photos for your project or want to use some of my existing photos, feel free to contact me.

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(What's Wrong with) Record Store Day

Short documentary

This short documentary addresses some of the criticism Record Store Day has received in recent years.

With a friend, I attended several Record Store Day 2015 events in Glasgow. We spoke to visitors and organizers of the various events around town, and recorded these conversations.

Among others, we interviewed Alex Main, owner of a well known Glaswegian independent record shop/non-profit organisation New Hellfire Club. Another interviee is Hector Barbour (a.k.a. techno producer Denis Sulta), staff member of Rubadub, a store that has famously declared its own Rubadub Shop Day in place of Record Store Day.

My roles: camera, script, voiceover, editing/post-production.

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Making of 'Stablo' by Nina Romić

Short documentary

During a period of four months, I followed Croatian singer-songwriter Nina Romić and her band as they rehearsed and recorded Nina’s third studio album ‘Stablo.'

When the album was finished, I recorded an interview with Nina reflecting on the whole process of creating the album. This interview functions as the voiceover that carries the documentary.

The video premiered in time with the album's concert release. 'Stablo' has been nominated for IMPALA’s European Independent Album of the Year Award.

My roles: camera, narrative, editing/post-production, audio mixing.

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Vodič za prosječnog birača

Vlog-style & animation Youtube series

Leading up to the 2015 general election in Croatia, I made a series of videos explaining basic political terms (series title in English: A guide for the average voter).

The series is a mixture of vlog-style videos and motion graphics. The videos are lighthearted and (hopefully) humorous, as my aim was to make the various political terms often used by the mainstream media more accessible to wider audiences.

The project got picked up by several mainstream and student media outlets in Croatia.

My roles: camera/animation, performance, script, production, promotion.

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The Indie Compilation Story

Short documentary

For this project I collaborated with Croatia Records, Croatia’s largest record label in telling the story behind their release The Indie Compilation.

This involved arranging and filming interviews with all 12 artists (bands and solo acts) featured on the compilation, and editing over 25 hours of footage into a 7 minute documentary feature. The video was published by a Croatian pop culture magazine Ravno do dna.

My roles: production coordinator, camera, narrative, post-production.

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Below are some examples of my professional/academic writing. You can also check out my personal blog.

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Samples of my blog posts:

Samples of my academic writing:

Why is it that Hollywood still dominates the world’s cinema markets in the 21st century and how are other national cinemas attempting to fight back?

When speaking of Hollywood cinema, people rarely equate it to the national cinema of the United States due to its omnipresence in global popular culture (...)

A discussion on the outdatedness of the concept of national sovereignty in the 21st century

The concept of national sovereignty has undergone much scrutiny in recent decades, along with related concepts such as the nation-state, legitimacy, authority, power (...)

Participatory Culture and Deliberation: Case Study of ChangeMyView

A study of ChangeMyView, an online community hosted on Reddit, with regards to concepts of participatory and deliberative democracy, and the public sphere. An additional perspective frames CMV in relation to the phenomenon of the echo chamber; (...)

A Case Study of the 2015 Wimbledon Public Relations Campaign

The Championships, Wimbledon is the oldest, and considered by many the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. As such, it has a vast and elaborate public relations operation every year (...)

In what ways have regional and territorial politics become arguably more prevalent over the past five decades?

My arguments are based on the ‘Europe of the Regions and the ‘new regionalism’ concepts endorsed by many scholars on multilevel governance (...)

An Analysis of the 2015 Super Bowl as a Media Event

The Super Bowl may not be the most paradigmatic media event because, according to Dayan et al., (...)

An analysis of the opening sequence in 'Shanghai Express'

This essay analyses the opening sequence of Josef von Sternberg’s Shanghai Express, from after the opening credits until the train leaves the station. The elements I described are mise-en-scène, use of camera, editing and sound.

Položaj glazbenika u informatičko doba

English translation: Position of Musicians in the Information Age